The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has been closed for about 3 years in order to build a new wing onto the museum.  It is scheduled to reopen on May 14.  The museum allowed members to experience the new addition prior to the opening, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to see the art and space.

The museum has been greatly expanded.  The new wing is filled with works that were not always on display previously because a of lack of space.  There new area is filled with light and feels spacious even with people teeming through the exhibit.

DSC03191 A new entrance to the museum on Howard St.


One of the intriguing pieces we can across first was this one above by Anish Kapoor who is known for his public displays like the so-called “bean” in Chicago.  This illusionist piece seems to lead to a hole, but does not.

We were also interested the above Sol Lewitt pieces.  On the left, the bold colors and lines stood out among pieces around it.  And on the right, while interesting, stood out to us because it said it would be painted over later.  He left guidelines for various combinations of his work on line drawings.

IMG_6470 Relaxing in one of the new window seats of the museum.


After viewing the new wing, we walked around the corner for lunch at Trou Normand. It is a restaurant on New Montgomery serving cuisine from the Normandy region of France.  They specialize in charcuterie and various meats.  We shared a salad and a small combination board of several charcuterie and salumi.  It was delicious.


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