The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has been closed for about 3 years in order to build a new wing onto the museum.  It is scheduled to reopen on May 14.  The museum allowed members to experience the new addition prior to the opening, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to … More The New SFMOMA

Italian Coffee Moment

I was in Florence studying Italian for the summer there.  The cafeteria (sometime also called a moka)was a treasured purchase at the time, but has since outlived its usefulness in our kitchen.  My husband, also a coffee-lover, purchase a bigger, and better espresso machine that make fantastic coffee. Coffee, of course, has long been a … More Italian Coffee Moment

Hugo Cocktail

As the weather gets more reliably sunny and warm, I am looking forward more and more to a new favorite summer cocktail – the Hugo. Last summer during our trip to Germany and Italy, everywhere we went we saw on the drinks menu “the Hugo.”  I had never seen or heard of this before.  I … More Hugo Cocktail