Copenhagen Eats

With restaurants with world renown reputations like Noma, it should be no surprise that  good food abounds in Copenhagen.  During my recent trip to Copenhagen, I was fortunate enough to have several good meals.fullsizeoutput_2e74

Even before I arrived, I knew I wanted to sample the regional specialty, Smørrebrød, the open-face sandwich that can be topped with just about anything.  There were a couple places that sounded great, but by the time we actually arrived Aamanns, after getting wrapped up in sightseeing and shopping, it was just after 3pm and it had just closed.  Fortunately, we were in the center of the city, so there were other options.  We rounded the corner into Gråbrødretorv, and found Peder One.  It turned out to be perfect for lunch.fullsizeoutput_2ddbfullsizeoutput_2de4

It was cold outside, so we ate in their cozy interior.  There were many table and a large fireplace to provide both ambiance and warmth.  There were also little higgle elements throughout as well, candles, plants, simple furniture, and nice lighting.

We perused the menu and selected some smørrebrød to sample and to share.  Even though I wasn’t sure I would like it, I knew I wanted to try one with herring since it is such a classic Scandinavian food.  It turned out to be something I could actually see myself ordering again.  It had been marinated and was delicious.  I think I might be hooked.


fullsizeoutput_2de6Among others that we tried were the salmon and shrimp & egg.  My friend also ordered the cheese sandwich.   Even though the menu stated that it came with something special, I was still surprised when the server came to the table with the a bottle of run to drizzle over the cheese.  To me, they weren’t really tastes that went together, but it was interesting to try.




In addition to the sandwiches we were also anxious to try various pastries.  We started off in the morning at Original Coffee at the top floor of Illum.  It was a decent pain au chocolate, but really it was the view that was best side dish.


I had heard that træstemme were a not-to-miss pastry to try as well.  I had kept an eye out for a pastry shop that might have them, them saw them at the bakery that seems to be ubiquitous in Copenhagen, Kagkagehuset.  They chocolate-dipped tree trunks of marzipan were worth it, if you like marzipan.  If not, they could be a bit much.  While at the bakery, I snagged a few kanelsnagl, cinnamon roll.  Wow!  They are much less cakey than typical American cinnamon rolls, instead the dough is flakey, all the more delicious for the difference.  I brought one home for my morning coffee.


Lastly , we tried another typical Danish treat, flødebølle, again chocolate-dipped cream puffs.  We tried these at the Nørrebro shop Rø Chokolade.  They were quite sweet and rich, but delicious.

Another memorable dinner was at the popular Höst.  We enjoyed the three course menu, starting with fish, then beef, and a sorbet.  We also had a few other samplings in between.  It was all delicious.  We received another round of flødebølle to finish the night off.  I would highly recommend Höst if you’re in Copenhagen.  It’s the perfect mix of high quality food in comfortable, casual surroundings.  It almost feels that this is the way it is supposed to be.


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