Hi!  I’m K.

I have a wide array of interests as you will see displayed in the posts.

I love to travel.  I am an unabashed Francophile, but that also spreads over the border as I also have a deep love for Italy, its beauty, food, art and history.

I also like to stay active.  Biking and hiking are a couple of my favorite ways to do so.

I also love to eat good food.  Sometimes I try to create it on my own, other times, I prefer to allow a professional to do the job.

Additionally, I try to have good style and have a weakness for shoes and coats.  Despite the fact that I live in California, I love a good cocoon coat that you can wrap yourself in.

Last, but certainly not least, I am married and have two little dogs.  They are sure to make an appearance to two here.


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