Italian Coffee Moment


I was in Florence studying Italian for the summer there.  The cafeteria (sometime also called a moka)was a treasured purchase at the time, but has since outlived its usefulness in our kitchen.  My husband, also a coffee-lover, purchase a bigger, and better espresso machine that make fantastic coffee.

Coffee, of course, has long been a part of the Italian culture.  And, I have been an espresso lover for many years, so I wanted to bring home my own version of this coffee accoutrement.   I used it for a while after bringing it to have a quick shot of espresso.  With a gas, stove though, or maybe it’s just my meager abilities, it’s a bit difficult to get the flame in the right place.  I actually ended up slightly melting the handle.  Didn’t effect the taste at all though.  (Phew.)   With the new kitchen soon to be underway, this poor little coffeemaker is not long for this world, so I thought I would give it one last go, and savor the moment.

I sat down to enjoy a moment between boxes to enjoy the last tazza that this cafeteria would ever make.  To make it a true Italian moment, I pulled out the espresso cup set we’d gotten in Deruta, Italy a few earlier earlier.  I’d have to pack them up too, so why not?

Deruta is not only the name of the small Italian town in the region of Umbria, not far from Perugia, but the town also gives its name the design on the ceramics, some with dragons, and some with roosters.  The ceramic pieces have been made in this town for centuries.


And since we’re trying go through as much food as possible currently in our freezer and cupboards, this Italian moment gave me the perfect opportunity to nibble on one of the amoretti cookies that have been sitting in the cabinet.  DSC02155

I have long thought that these almond flavored cookies are the ideal accompaniment for a cup of espresso.  It almost seems that one brings out the flavors of the other. DSC02157

I was happy to see my cafeteria get one last use before it was sent out to pasture and savored every sip.  I look forward to the new espresso maker that we’ll have in our new kitchen.

Back to work.




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