San Francisco Afternoon

The day after the Paris attacks the air everywhere seemed to be filled with sadness and a kind of hesitation.  As a lover of Paris, and of France, I shared in the collective grief that much of he world was expressing.

I was heartened to see that San Francisco’s city hall (in fact a sister city of Paris) shone with the blue, blanc, rouge in solidarity with the victims there.

SF City Hall – image courtesy of

As we set out for a walk, we passed a couple of spontaneous memorials to the victims of Paris, with flowers and cards mounting up.  Despite a somberness in the air, I wanted to be out and about. I wanted to enjoy my city and the beauty of it. On a walk we took in landmarks that are sometimes taken for granted.

We headed up Telegraph Hill because it’s good climb and requires a bit of effort, but also because it allows us to see some of the city and offers great views.


From the Bay Bridge …IMG_4374IMG_4375

To the Golden Gate Bridge.

Then on our way back decided to stop for lunch some place we’ve wanted to go for a while, Cotogna.


Cotogna Restaurant, San Francisco


A glass of sparkling rosé.  I spotted it a couple tables away, tried it, and it was a hit.


Shared lunch was a Speck and arugula pizza.  Very tasty.  IMG_4394



We would be happy to try this place again.  It is a relaxed atmosphere with attentive staff, and delicious food.  Their sister restaurant, Quince, is next door.  That is a spectacular restaurant, that anyone should definitely try, if you have get away with not paying rent/mortgage this month.  It’s definitely pricey, but worth it for the culinary adventure.

After lunch, I was feeling a bit better about the state of the world.  Everyone seemed to be delightfully pleasant during the day, and the worry that had seeped into life seemed to be lifting.

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