Bike Tour – Giro d’Vino

After a fun and delicious dinner the night before, we got a good night’s rest to ready ourselves for 48 miles of biking around Lodi.  We were really looking forward to the adventure of it, meandering on two wheels through the vineyards of this lesser known wine country.

The Giro started at Woodbridge Winery and would then take rider on their choice of at least 15 different wineries.  The riders could stop and do a tasting anywhere along the way.  Some of the wineries were absolutely gorgeous.

It was a bit chilly at the start.

Here I am with my jacket, ready to go.  We rode by fields and fields of vineyards… in autumn.  The colors were beautiful.  

We stopped at a couple of wineries along the way.   My favorite was the Oak Farm Winery.  The grounds were stunning.

Oak Farm Winery
 Then we pedaled on to Jessie’s Grove, where we bought a bottle of Dessert Wine to enjoy later.

Then some quick pics at Ripkin Winery.     

It was all great, until it started to rain.  We had left our rain gear in the car, hoping for the best.  We got a bit wet, but we were welcomed to lunch with a nice warm soup and sandwiches at D’Art.

Makeshift Bikeracks at D’art.

In order to get back and stay dry, we actually took the “short cut” that was a option on the map.  It cut 10 miles out, and got us back to the car nice and dry.

We’re looking forward to signing up again next year, and hoping for a dry ride.

N.B. As someone who has studied Italian, the spelling of this bike ride, grates a bit.  I can’t understand the d’ when it is not the way it is used grammatically.  Ok.  Phew. Got that off my chest.

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