Pinky Ring

I finally got to pick up the new ring I had ordered.

I had been keeping my eye out for a piece that could be a pinky ring for sometime now.

I had originally gotten the idea from, of all places, the Wall Street Journal (it actually has a great “Personal Journal Section”).  In December 2012, the WSJ ran an article on Pinky Rings and the women who have worn them entitled “Think Pinky.”

The article featured this image of socialite Dolores Guiness from 1965, which I loved instantly.


I loved the image in general, but also liked how her ring seemed to make a statement without yelling that statement.

I had tried on many ring to see how they would look on my finger.  Some rings seemed too dainty while others where too overwhelming for my hand.  I finally found just the right one.  The ring is made by Pomellato ring – an Italian company that has many modern designs.

I have been wearing it nonstop since I picked it up.   I really love it.

It is both subtle and manages to stand out at the same time.

The packaging is also beautiful.

With a unique ring box….

This is not a sponsored or affiliated post.

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