Mourad – Moroccan Restaurant

Mourad is located in downtown San Francisco, in a building that couldn’t be more old school and modern at the same time. It’s at 140 New Montgomery in a 1924 Pacific Telephone building, now the headquarters of Yelp!  The interior lobby has been beautifully restored, but the restaurant itself is modern and shows no signs of its near century-old bones. 

The interior is spacious and larger than it lets on from the outside. Our table for two was perfect, upstairs with a window on the kitchen. It was fascinating to watch all the dishes being prepared. Over time, we could recognize what we’d had and what we might order in the future. Yes, we are already looking forward to future visits. 

The delicious flatbread with zatar seasoning being prepared, warmed, and plated. 

We started with cocktails.  I had a hard time deciding, as there were some very different tastes being presented on the drink menu.  I settled on the honey saffron cocktail. It had a bourbon base, similar to a Manhattan, with a slight spicy sweetness of each of the headline ingredients. 

Our shared appetizer was eggplant. 

Ooooh, so good. 

The flatbread that came with our appetizers. Zaatar seasoning made them extra tasty. 

Lamb entree with lentils and sauce. 

Honey and almond cream and wafer dessert. Light and satisfying end to the meal.  

Looking down on the dining room

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