Quick dinner before a show. 

We had tickets to see The King and I last Saturday night.  We needed to get a quick bite to eat beforehand, so stomach rumbling didn’t become competition for the singing.

I’d been craving seafood lately, so we decided to try a restaurant that has actually been around forever (well, 1997), but we had never been to: Farallon.   Aside from the food, one of the things that attracts visitors to Farallon is the decor.  It has an imaginative under-the-sea atmosphere in its Jellyfish Lounge.

We sat at the bar, in part to save time, so we could make sure to get to the theater on time, but also to indulge in bar bites.  We also just generally enjoy sitting at a bar counter for dinner.

We started with a couple of cocktails.  I had a delicious Spiced Pear drink.  It had the perfect essence of a spiced pear.  I am now on the hunt for the pear liqueur that they used, but may have to settle for the first pear liqueur I find.   I want to replicate it, so I can enjoy this taste at home.

For dinner we had soup, ceviche, and a combination order of

Oyster Bar at Farallon

oysters.  While I am still a newbie at ordering oysters, I think the combination plate is great because you can get a variety of tastes and compare them all and (try to) figure out which ones you like.   Sitting at the oyster bar is also fun, to see them shuck the oysters (even without the metal glove), and prepare each dish.




On the other side of the card in our oyster order was a listing of each of the different oysters we were trying and could refer to the different tastes each had.

On our walk home from the theater, we were able to see some of the early holiday lights that were up, illuminated the cable cars on Powell Street, creating a magical setting.

Good Night San Francisco


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