Perfect Place in Paris

When in Paris, one of my favorite things to do is wander, or stroll, to become a flaneuse – one who wanders without a destination.  I like to unexpectedly come across new places, at least new to me.  But, since this most recent trip was in winter, the cold temperatures made it more difficult to spend long periods of time outside.

So, I made a special effort to see the area I didn’t think I had visited before, Place Dauphine.  


It is a small, contained place, (square, plaza, piazza – or however you would like to translate it) in the shape of a triangle.  IMG_2186IMG_2188

For being such a small place, there were a number of restaurants located at various points. We ate at this one, Restaurant Paul.  They have a very friendly staff, a history of being in this spot for generations, and delicious food.

Restaurant Paul, Paris


Next time you’re in Paris, make sure you take a stroll through quaint and lovely Place Dauphine.

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