Eating & Drinking in North Lake Tahoe

There are a number of places to eat in the towns that dot North Lake Tahoe.  In this trip, we visited a few of our old haunts and found some new favorite as well.

  1.  One place we have been wanting to visit for a while, and finally made it, is Lone Eagle Grill.  It sits right on the lake in Incline Village, NV.   Wandering into the large lounge area and grab a seat by the window to gaze out at the lake or cozy up by the big fireplace.  The whole room seems comfortable.

DSC02786We settled into our table, enjoyed the view and placed our order.

They had a pretty good menu of cocktails.  I ordered the hot buttered rum.  They seemed pretty serious about it, since the menu indicated that they made their own batter.  It was delicious.  I’ll have another, please.

We also ordered a couple of appetizers during happy hour.  We had the ahi poke and charcuterie plate.  Both we very tasty and even better than I had hoped.

After our drinks and snacks, we headed outside to check out more the grounds around the lodge.

There’s a wide stretch of beach, which would be great in the summer, but seemed kind of lonely in the winter.  Finding a seat was clearly no problem.


The fire pit was a cozy place to warm up after a quick walk on the shore.  It’s a beautiful space with lovely spaces to relax in any season. DSC02779

2.  Another place we went was Truckee.  Truckee is located just off Highway 80, before heading toward the lake.  The downtown area is well-preserved with older buildings from it’s boom days long ago. DSC02812

First, we headed to Coffeebar.  I could have moved into this place.  As an Italophile, I felt right at home.  This place is a dream for anyone who truly loves Italy.

Coffeebar, Truckee

In Italy, in case you are not familiar, the one can, of course, sit down at a table.  However, many people, particularly in the morning rush, order their espresso from the counter, which is called a bar.  Hence, coffeebar.  Though, there are plenty of tables here, and unlike in Italy, they don’t charge you more for sitting down.

Coffeebar, Truckee

I ordered a cappuccino. It came with this lovely latte art, and was perfectly made.

As an Italophile and someone who has studied Italian another reason I loved this place was for the tables.  Under a layer of laminate were pages of Italian/English dictionaries.  I had not seen this used as a decorative feature before and thought it was fun and creative.  I caught myself several times trying to find words I knew  – or didn’t.

Coffeebar, Truckee

The owner of the Coffeebar was also there.  I told him how much I like the place, and he seemed genuinely happy to hear it and concerned that all patrons enjoy it, and appreciative what what good coffee takes like in a welcoming atmosphere.  He wanted to create a little bit of Italy in Truckee.  Well done, I say.

Garwoods is another place we go almost overtime we are in Tahoe.  My husband loves their signature drink called a Wet Woody (they are next door to a wooden boat dock/shop).   It’s a bit too tropical for my taste, but there’s always something else.  They bar area is usually lively.  We been for dinner a couple of times and the food is pretty good.

Fun in the snow on the patio at Garwoods

Another place for dinner in Bite American Tapas in Incline Village.Bite American TapasAs the name suggests, the menu is made up mainly of small plates.  You can order a number of items and try different things.  Each time, we get the Sweet Chili Glazed Ribs.  They are so tasty.  This time, we also followed the recommendation of the server, and got a side of macaroni and cheese to be used to scoop up all the extra sauce from the ribs.  What a great combination.

Additionally, both the Squaw Valley Village and the Village at Northstar have shops, attractions, and eateries that are great for getting a bite, or sipping something apres ski.  They are fun to just walk around and soak in the atmosphere, almost feeling like you’re in a European ski village.  They both offer a variety of places from steak to sushi.

*This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, just a few places we like to go and can recommend


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