Instagram Style

During January, I participated in a style challenge on Instagram.  I had never done one before, I had seen the tags “wearwhatwhere….insert month,” but wasn’t entirely sure how it worked.  When I saw the list of prompts pop up on the feed of someone I follow, I was intrigued, and decided it could be an interesting way to shop my own closet, come up with new outfits, and see what other people were doing with the same prompts.

Here is the list of prompts:

You were free to interpret the prompts any way you want.
Following are some of the outfits I posted.  

I like these in part because of the backgrounds or the the setting, and they were real outfits I wore in my everyday life go out and do things.

Others are here:

The top right was the first photo of the year, I liked the outfit and the background. The bottom right was also a favorite. I like primarily because I was able t tale the pictures myself, without bothering my “Instagram husband.”  I also like the light, and it was a very wearable outfit for me.  The photo on the bottom left was also very comfortable and I love navy.  The top left was somewhat of a surprise for me. I was trying to meet the “pleats” prompt, and put on a summery skirt and tried to winterize it. I liked it, but it was very grey, however, it seemed to be one that others “liked.”

The “style challenge was fun, and in January, I had plenty of time to figure out how to meet the prompts.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to participate everyday in February and hereafter, but perhaps when I do have the time, I’ll continue to posts photos according to the prompts, but much of the time I will continue with my own wardrobe.  It is a contest, though, and there are prizes, so it is tempting to keep it up.  And it is fun to try to see what you can come up with and what others come up with.

Have you done any of these challenges?  Do you still?  What did you think?

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