Christmas in San Francisco. 

I love to go out every year and check out the decorations and lights around the city.

In Union Square, we arrived just as the switch was flipped to light the tree.  What timing?

Up and down Market Street, snowflakes are mounted on light poles.  They create a very festive atmosphere.  They are hard to photograph though.  I think this might be the best I’ve done… I try every year.

We also make a tour of the big hotels to see their decorations :

Hanging from ceiling at the Palace Hotel were these wreaths.

While the ceiling decorations are lovely, they are hardly compete the Palace’s main room at any time of year.  I love looking at this room year-round

Moving on to the St. Francis.  They had two trees in difference sections of their lobby.
    But the highlight at the St. Francis every year is the gingerbread “house” creation that the chef there come up with.   Yes, this is gingerbread.  I think is one of the best ones I’ve seen.
At the Mark Hopkins, this lovely tree greets you in the lobby.   Outside the the Ritz-Carlton…

A stop for deliciously rich hot chocolate at Cafe Madeleine on Union Square.     One of my favorites is the tree in front of what used to be the Bank of America building.  I think it is the simplicity of a single color, the bright red, and the height of the great tree.



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