San Francisco’s Presidio

For Black Friday, instead of hitting the sales and crowds at the mall, we hit the trails in San Francisco’s Presidio.

 SF Presidio

It is a former federal army post dates back to the Civil War, but also used by Native Americans, the Spanish and Mexico.  Today, much of it is preserved as park lands, and it has an extensive trail system that extend up and around the hills down to the ocean with some of the best views around. 

And, from the other side of the hill.

It seems that no matter how many times one visits, something new can still be discovered. 

In this outing, as we were headed back toward home when I spotted an inviting terrace. I didn’t know right away it was a restaurant, as there are many businesses in the Presidio as well, but once we could see that it was a watering hole so to speak,  it was then quickly suggested that we stop for some “provisions.”  After absolutely no arm twisting, we settled around an outdoor fire, ordered up some drinks and guacamole.   

  It turned out to be Arguello Restaurant.  It was wonderful.

This was the best sangria I have EVER had.

Next to the restaurant are the former OFFICER ROOM, where you can sit and relaxed.  There is a beautiful view out the window.

  And the officer’s room itself is very cozy, but elegant.

After our refreshments and a bit of a wonder around, we hiked it back up the hill and back home after a fun filled afternoon.

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