Giving Tuesday

We have now officially entered the holiday shopping season.  If you are looking for some unique gifts, look no further than Shopping for a Change.

Shopping for a Change is a wonderful organization that features interesting, beautiful, and often unique products. You can find a wide variety of gift ideas from jewelry, clothes, and housewares.   Every purchase gives back to the artisan who produced it, helps to fund a community improvement project, and donates to a U.S. charity of your choice.

I have featured here a few of the pieces that I have acquired from Shopping for a Change, made by artisans in various countries.   I encourage you to visit the site, and see what they have to offer.  Add extra meaning to gift giving this holiday season. 

These necklaces have an adjustable cord, so it can hang closely around your neck, or longer if you wish.

And, a handmade scarf from India.

There are many, many more pieces online. Please visit Shopping for a Change.


This is not a sponsored or affiliated post, merely a worthy organization. 

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