Mountain Getaway

About a month ago, we just spent a glorious couple of days outside of Lake Tahoe at Sorensen’s Resort (though it’s light on amenities, so resort might be loosely used here).  It’s a perfect place to go in the fall as it is surrounded by aspen trees and the colors are changing, the leaves and falling, and the light is glorious.

This time, though, we hit the season a bit late.  As we were driving toward our destination and reached the summit, we realized it was colder than we expected it to be.  There was even a slight dusting of snow along the side of the road and on the mountain tops.  

I wasn’t quite prepared for the drop in temperatures, but fortunately we had a wood burning stove and hot chocolate, so I settled in with a cup, a book, and a blanket to warm up and settle in.

Because of the unexpected cold, the leaves had already fallen off the trees.  The scenery was still beautiful with the bark of th naked Aspens.  The hamock looks like a comfy place to relax on warmer, sunnier days.

Each room at Sorensen’s is a separate cabin, all tucked away amongst the groves of trees.


We brought our dogs on this getaway. They loved getting outside for a walk. Though with their little legs, it was probably more like a marathon.

Fortunately, as we moved into the valley for our short hike, we could see that not all the leaves had fallen. It left us with some beautiful golden images.

One last pic before we headed out. 

It’s always a nice area to visit and spend some time in the great outdoors. Now winter has truly set in there after a few storms, so I’m glad we got to be there when we were.   I look forward to going up again soon.

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