Book Club

It’s time for our book club to meet again.  This time we are reading Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland.  I liked it for the most part.  I took a little while to really get into it, but then I wanted to do nothing else but read it.  The writing, like her other books with beautiful, but the characters didn’t always seem likable.  Sometimes you wanted to urge them to be more, or better than they were.  But overall, it was a good read, and some of the historical aspects that were brought in were interesting to me.

Headed off to book club…

Of course, we, like most book clubs, we are an eating club that reads.  Our group really did being as a dinner group first.  We were planning themed dinner revolving around various international cuisines, and it morphed into a book club.

Usually the host (a rotating position) provides a main dish while others provide sides, wine, or dessert.       
It was all delicious as usual.

When we choose our books, the host suggests five books, then the others vote using ranked voting (it’s all very official), and the winner for the next read is tabulated.

Have you read The Lowland? What did you think?

What is your book club reading?

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