Must Eats – Amsterdam


I ate surprisingly well on a recent trip to Amsterdam.  I wanted to share four of the restaurants and cafes that were big hits.

1. Blauw

Indonesian Cusine

I wasn’t entirely certain what Indonesian cuisine would entail.  Would it be like Thai?  Would it be like Chinese?  The answer is probably somewhere in the middle, but with many, many options.  The specialty is rijsttafel, literally translating to rice table, but should translate to ‘whole lot of food.’  You are served seemingly countless small dishes of varying tastes some vegetable and some meat or fish.  You are encouraged to mix and match, find your own favorite combination.  No two bites are the same.   It is a unique dining experience, particularly in a such a bright, fun location.

2.  Lof

Local, Seasonal

The staff is almost as delightful as the food is delicious.  There is no menu, and what’s on offer changes daily.  It is on the chalkboard wall, but much more entertaining is to have Nick sit down at your table and explain it to you.  He is knowledgeable with a bit of quirk on the side.  While the choices are limited, there is something for everyone to find and enjoy.

DSC00732 - Version 2

3.  De Kas

Organic, Local, Seasonal

De Kas Restaurant - Amsterdam

The name translates to Greenhouse, and that is exactly where you will be eating.

It is one of the most beautiful and airy settings I’ve ever eaten in.  And the food matches the atmosphere wonderfully.  The courses are inventive and delicious.  Don’t let the fact that this restaurant is outside the main center of town scare you off.  Hop in a taxi and enjoy the experience.


4.  De Jaren

Canal-side Cafe

That is in fact why this place makes my list. It is not necessarily the food, but the location. We actually went in the morning to make sure that we could get a spot outside.  It was relaxing sitting right on the water, and we had croissants and eggs, which were perfect for a leisurely breakfast.  On nice afternoons, the patio is bustling.  Inside, though, has a lot of light, and plentiful windows so all can enjoy the view.

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