This blog is meant to be a timeline for my life…. starting now.  In school we’d receive yearbooks so we could look back on what had happened during the year.  It seems that these days, in adulthood, there are fewer ways to look back at a collection of events in that same way.  Although Facebook calls posts a timeline, it doesn’t seem to show everything, or even really present it as a timeline.  Instagram is nice for images, but they don’t always tell a story.  Almost no one actually prints photos out any more, let alone take the time to put them in a photo album arranged by activity, trip, or milestone.  I thought maybe this forum, would be a way I could collect, organize, and keep track of events from the important to the mundane.  It will follow me and what I like to do, travel, cook, eat, bike, shop for shoes, and just generally wander through life.

Relaxing the Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

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